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BREAKING NEWS!! Liberal Governor Just Set Them ALL FREE! REMOVE HIM NOW!


Ever since Trump got into office, liberal mayors and governors have been thumbing their nose at both the President and federal law, where these nasty officials continue to harbor illegals in their “Sanctuary Cities.” Despite President Trump’s Justice Department threatening to fine and imprison any elected official caught sheltering illegals from deportation, these officials continue to put the lives of countless Americans in jeopardy by allowing these criminals to hide out in their cities. Now liberals of these Sanctuary Cities have found a new loophole from preventing their precious illegals from being deported, after what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did overnight is borderline treason against the United States of America. 

Gov. Cuomo goes full-traitor and pardons criminals in his state!

Breaking reports reveal that in a clean sweep, Gov. Cuomo pardoned 18 illegals that were slated for deportation, where he gave Trump the middle finger saying that he’s going to fight Trump’s crackdown on illegals in every way possible. In a statement, Cuomo said: “While the federal government continues to target immigrants and threatens to tear families apart with deportation, these actions take a critical step toward a more just, more fair, and more compassionate New York.”

Even more horrifying is these aren’t just innocent people that Cuomo is pardoning, as this governor continues to echo the ridiculous rhetoric on the left that Trump is “ripping children away from their families.” One of the illegals that Cuomo pardoned is a hardened criminal, who was convicted of criminal facilitation in 1994. According to Breitbart:

Lorena Borjas, 57, is one of the illegal aliens Cuomo pardoned. Borjas, who is a biological male who lives as a female, had been convicted of criminal facilitation in 1994. Cuomo’s office said Borjas has become an advocate for transgenders and immigrants.

The Governor’s Office said the pardons for those in danger of being deported should act as a bridge to legal status, although they stressed there is no guarantee the pardoned would gain legal status.

The New York governor has had a history of pardoning and commuting the sentences of controversial figures. He commuted the sentence of radical terrorist Judith Clark in 2016.

Cuomo also pardoned 39 people convicted of misdemeanors when they were under 18 years old who have not re-offended in the past ten years or more and commuted the sentences of two people.

“These New Yorkers have proved their rehabilitation, in some cases for decades, but have been unable to gain legal status or fully re-enter society due to the stigma of conviction,” Cuomo said.

Trump ran on the promise to put America first, unlike Obama who constantly put the interests of illegals, criminals, and terrorists before the American people. This isn’t the first time that liberals have taken outlandish steps to prevent their illegals from being deported, as they understand that illegals comprise a hefty portion of their loyal voter base. Several months back, Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez literally called for blood in violence in the streets, telling illegals to take whatever means necessary to keep themselves from being deported. Gutierrez incited acts of domestic terrorism, telling illegals to “take to the streets and fight” to get what they want.

Being that there’s currently over 11 million illegals in America, this is a serious threat towards our country. Liberals and illegals are already taking this congressman’s calls for war in our streets quite literally. Shortly after the announcement of the DACA getting axed, protests broke out in front of the White House and in cities across the country.

Liberals always like to argue that America is a “country of immigrants” and that our doors should therefore be automatically opened to whoever wants in. The issue with opening our borders is that we have no idea who is flooding into our country, and with the threat of violent gangs from Mexico and ISIS terrorists finding loopholes to gain entry into America, it’s more important than ever that we properly vet these people. And now that liberals are using the tactic of simply pardoning these illegals to keep them in our country, no telling what criminals are now lurking that’s putting the lives of countless Americans into jeopardy.


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