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Michelle FLIPS OUT Over What Melania Snuck Into White House Overnight – GENIUS!

When Michelle Obama wasn’t busy strutting around like she was the queen of the White House or bashing our country with her anti-American mouth for the past 8 years, she spent her remaining free time pushing her disgusting school lunch programs on Americans, where she lectured everyone on what they should eat. Michelle has grown increasingly disgruntled in recent months, as President Trump has completely destroyed any remaining “legacy” she had at the White House, ending the school lunch programs she was so proud of, and undoing her nasty and repulsive decorating makeovers at the White House. Now just in time for Christmas, Melania is trolling the former First Lady with an item she secretly put at the White House, that no doubt has Michelle furious, in light of our new First Lady’s surging approval rating among Americans.

Before Trump became president, he vowed that he would bring Christmas back to America, and that everyone would be saying “Merry Christmas” again if he was elected. The White House has been transformed in recent weeks into a magnificent winter wonderland, where Melania is helping the President bring the true meaning of Christmas back to the White House that predictably has liberals in a seething rage. Now everyone is noticing the item that Melania hid throughout the White House, in order to troll Michelle with the White House decorations.

“If you look closely, you will see a little troll left for former first lady Michelle Obama,” The Daily Caller reported. “Obama was famous for her healthy eating push over her time as first lady. The Let’s Move campaign restricted calories for school lunches and pushed for healthier diets. Many of the rules put in place for school lunches have since been rolled back by the Trump administration. And while chocolate milk is now being allowed back in school, it looks like candy is also being allowed back in the White House.”

Upon first glance, it looks like room full of ordinary Christmas decorations. If you look closely, you will realize that the historic Red Room at the White House Melania decorated is PURE CANDY. You know Ms. School Lunch Program Michelle Obama is absolutely seething!

But it gets even better. It’s not just candy all over the room, but even the Christmas ornaments are made out of candy!

This isn’t the first time that Melania has trolled Michelle with changes to the White House. Several months ago, Melania yet again proved her incredible ability to out-stage Michelle in every single area. Over the summer, Melania  transformed Michelle’s vegetable garden into an area that sick children can come and visit, announcing she’ll be hosting a “a local children’s group” as her first ever event at the White House.

Liberals immediately lost their minds over the news, where they tried to claim that Melania had “stolen Michelle’s prized garden,” and is ruining the garden that Michelle created to “prevent childhood obesity and promote healthy eating.” Liberals even took it so far as to claim that Melania is ripping off her predecessor, criticizing Melania’s event for children as a “blatant act of copying Michelle Obama.”

In light of the temper tantrums that liberals continue to throw and their disgusting attacks on our First Lady, it’s awesome to see Melania always succeeding in everything she does. With her approval ratings now soaring, Melania’s lavish Christmas decorations made of candy has to be an incredible salt in the wound for Michelle, as these pictures are emerging just days after her entire lunch program was scrapped for good, ending the last remaining shred of “legacy” she could boast about as First Lady.


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