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Trump Encounters His ‘Worst Nightmare’ On The Tarmac Right After Stepping Out Of Air Force One

This is extremely bizarre...

Ever since Trump won the election, liberals have been foaming at the mouth to bring him down. Illegal spy rings, subversion, fake news, assassination attempts…their antics truly knows no ends. But their latest take-down attempt is so absurd, it will make you convinced these “journalists” have truly lost it with their deranged obsession with destroying Trump’s presidency.

After being  thoroughly humiliated for pushing the fake Russian hooker story earlier this year, you’d think the morons over on CNN would’ve grown weary of peddling their fake ass news. But amazingly, they’ve still managed to up the ante on their stupidity. Now CNN in pushing the massive lie that President Trump has a debilitating “phobia” that’s so severe, that it’s making it difficult for him to even complete simple tasks like disembarking from airplanes.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos who is a 34-year veteran of the fake news network is at the helm of the latest liberal hysteria, where she did an entire segment asserting that President Trump is “afraid of stairs.” Moos admits that lately, she has become “slightly obsessed with watching President Trump watch his step,” while spreading her manufactured rumor that the president has a “phobia with steep inclines.” Here’s her absolutely absurd news report where she begins narrating her hit piece saying, “Whether it’d be not shaking the German chancellor’s hand or clutching the hand of Britain’s prime minister, President Trump’s hands always seem to end up in headlines.”

Watch the stupidity unfold:

The White House responded to the ridiculous nonsense, with a Trump spokesperson telling Moos, “No offense, but that’s an absurd question.”

This is pathetic at best. Is this really what left-leaning journalism has been reduced to? Pushing stories about Trump having golden showers with Russian hookers and having phobias of stairs? These idiots truly are grasping at straws these days in their efforts to undermine President Trump. I guess I’ll give one thing to them: they are getting pretty creative with their BS stories!

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