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BREAKING: Judge Napolitano FIRED From FOX News After Exposing 1 Sick Lie About Obama

Did Obama or someone on the left get to FOX News?

If there’s one thing that liberals are skilled at, it’s shutting down the opposition and silencing  those speaking the truth.  Case and point: go on CNN and start exposing stuff they don’t want to hear, and they’ll simply cut your live feed and blame it on “technical difficulties.”

As we continue to be disturbed by the left constantly censoring the truth, it looks like FOX News just pulled a page straight out of the liberal playbook and shut down one of their own. In an unbelievable breaking report coming out late Monday night, it was revealed that FOX News has canned Judge Napolitano for exposing the truth about Obama’s scandal with wiretapping Trump throughout the election.

“Fox News’ Judge Napolitano is being kept off the air indefinitely after he made a claim that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at Obama’s request,” Gateyway Pundit reported.

The Judge had been hot on the trail lately exposing the ‘Obamagate’ scandal, reporting on exclusive information coming from his sources within the British intelligence community. But in light of FBI director James Comey playing politics and pushing the left’s Russia-Trump propaganda during hearings on Monday and refusing to acknowledge that Obama was involved in wiretapping, it appears as though FOX News is choosing to keep their viewers in the dark about Obama’s illegal activity all for the sake of playing politics and covering their own ass.

According to the L.A. Times:

Fox News did not respond to inquiries about Napolitano’s status Monday. Napolitano was conspicuously missing from the network’s coverage of the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch — an event in which he typically would have played a significant role. He has not been on the air since Thursday.

People familiar with the situation who could speak only on the condition of anonymity said Napolitano is not expected to be on Fox News Channel any time in the near future. Napolitano was not available for comment.

But Napolitano said on one program that “Fox News has spoken to intelligence community members who believe that surveillance did occur, that it was done by British intelligence.”

Fox News, however, did no such thing, forcing its anchors to walk back Napolitano’s statement.

Shepard Smith (the left-leaning douche bag anchor who wears mascara on air who no one can stand) was giddy over the news that Napolitano was canned, mocking the judge by saying, “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way.” 

Napolitano immediately came out defending himself, saying that he “reported what the sources told me, reported it accurately and I do believe the substance of what they told me.”

This is extremely disturbing. Why is FOX News censoring the truth? Why would they choose to play politics when so much is on the line? Is it possible that Obama or someone on the left got to them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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