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Black Bully Wants More Than A Chat With Little White Boy, Didn’t See What Was Coming Until He Tastes The Pavement [WATCH]

Thanks to 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama’s antics with drumming up the race war in our country, race relations in America are at an all-time low. We constantly see senseless attacks being carried out on white people, as Obama’s thugs seek to make whitey pay as part of their misguided rage. But unfortunately for one thug who thought he’s score an easy knockout against a much smaller kid, he would soon realize he had chosen the wrong victim to be the target of his racist rage that day.

In the following video, a red headed white boy can be seen backed up against a fence with no where to go, as the young thug dances around throwing jabs and hooks into the air as a menacing sample of the beat-down that’s about to ensue. But then out of no where, an unlikely hero steps in to save the day, where the cocky thug then gets a savage taste of his own medicine that you have to watch in order to truly appreciate. Check it out:

Hell yeah! Nothing like getting your racist ass stomped into the ground in front of half the neighborhood as they cheer! Perhaps next time this little douche will think twice of picking on a white boy half his size in order to get his racist kicks in.


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