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BREAKING: SWAT Team Swarms Trump Tower After SICK Discovery Is Made In Man’s Hotel Room

This is nothing short of chilling.

There’s no shortage of malicious individuals out there who want to see our president dead. We constantly hear reports of people making vile threats towards our president, or encouraging others to take out assassination plots. But a breaking report of what just went down at Trump Tower is so disturbing, that law enforcement have immediately rushed the scene and begun investigations into a possible terror plot on our president.

On Friday afternoon, an alarmed employee at Trump Tower placed a 911 call alerting police after making a sickening discovery in one of the hotel rooms. She disclosed to police that a male patron had checked into the hotel that morning, and confessed to her that he had a bomb in his possession, leading her to believe that he was going to set it off. Although the full details of the plot have not yet been released by police, below is a transcript of the highly-disturbing call that was placed to 911 on Friday afternoon.


5:41: Dispatcher: Alright 10-4. 1814? 44 was that you?
5:50: (inaudible) — me?
5:55: Dispatcher: Yeah, I’m sorry. Just couldn’t hear you answering. Listen, I have to send you all the way in the 30 sector. You’re about the only late car I have left. I had a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. A male checked in this morning and said that he has a bomb inside of his room. [redacted] 6:19: (inaudible) — one more time?
6:23: Dispatcher: North Wabash. Room number [redacted]                                                                                   

6:31: Dispatcher: Yep. 18-20 a supervisor in 18?
6:37: 30.
6:39: 30, got a bomb threat, 401 North Wabash. Checked, the guest checked in, said he has a bomb in his room.
6:47: I’m on my way.
6:54: Alright.
6:58: (inaudible) I’ll make that a block out.
7:00: Dispatcher: Okay. Great.
7:02: Currently I’m walking toward the Trump right now.
7:07: Dispatcher: Okay. Great.

DNA info has more:

Police were on the scene of Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower, 401 N. Wabash Ave., Friday afternoon after a “disturbance call” was made from the building, police said. The CPD K-9 unit made a brief appearance in the building, and a police van pulled up to the building’s loading dock.

The man has since been taken into custody.

This is nothing short of chilling. It’s becoming crystal clear that these anti-Trump agitators will not stop until they see our president dead, even if that means carrying out terroristic plots to do so!

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

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