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Muslims DEMAND Blonde US Chess Champion Wear Hijab at Competition, She Gives Them BRUTAL Lesson In How It’s Done In Trump’s America

 Rather than being open minded to other cultures, Muslims always demand everyone else conform to their 6th century barbaric religion. We see this not only here in America, but in other countries too, where any woman visiting the Middle East will be expected to don a hijab in order to not offend these archaic people. But when reigning U.S. chess champion Nazi Paikidze was told by the Iranian government that she had to wear a hijab in order to compete in the world competition hosted by their country this year, she had a few words to say on the matter that will leave you proud as hell to be an American.
While the world championship for chess being held in Iran is insane enough, FIDE, the international organization that oversees the event, backed Iran on their “morality laws” that gave Paikidze very little in her way of options. She could either conform and wear the Muslim garb and compete, or  give the opportunity to defend her world title. But for the all-American girl, the choice for her was easy. Here’s what she told Marie Clare magazine:

“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women.  It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.” Paikidze posted further on Instagram about her decision.

“This is a post for those who don’t understand why I am boycotting FIDE’s decision. I think it’s unacceptable to host a WOMEN’S World Championship in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights and are treated as second-class citizens. For those saying that I don’t know anything about Iran: I have received the most support and gratitude from the people of Iran, who are facing this situation every day.”

FINALLY someone outside of politics GETS IT! Hell yeah girl! Paikidze not only took a huge stand for women’s rights as she refused to bow to Islam and be subjugated to a religion that treats women like second class citizens, but she also took a huge stand for America as well, sending a clear message that we as Americans WILL NEVER give up our freedoms to appease anyone. Share this article if you are PROUD Nazi Paikidze! What a great role model for all young women around the world!

H/T [Marie Clare]

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