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Trump Prepares To Obliterate Iran After Seeing Their FOUL New Use For Our Flag — Don’t Mess With The U.S.!

After President Trump’s temporary migrant ban from terror-ridden countries as a precaution to keep our country safe, Iran is now protesting our president in the sickest way as possible. Shortly after retaliating against President Trump by banning Americans from traveling to Iran, they’re now ramping up their disgusting anti-American vitriol. And Iran’s new use for the American flag is so vile, you can be sure that President Trump won’t be doing them in favors in the near future.

Under Obama’s treasonous regime, the terrorists over in Iran had a hay day for the last 8 years. Not only did Obama set these goat-herding inbred morons on a path to a nuclear weapon, but made them filthy rich too, giving them billions in gold and cash, not to mention enough uranium to make 10 nuclear bombs. But now furious over President Trump putting a stop to their flow of Obama cash and banning their migrants from coming to America, they’re now throwing a massive fit by erecting a disgusting anti-American effigy outside the door at the airport Tehran.

Pictures posted on social media show how Iranians have placed an American flag for their goat-herding citizens to walk on, as a welcome mat to travelers so everyone knows just how much they hate President Trump and all of America.


Shortly after the desecration of our flag along with Iran’s other antics over the past week with launching medium-range ballistic missile tests, President Trump and his team of badasses are already vowing to smack Iran down and put them in their place.

“We’re aware of reports that Iran conducted a medium-range ballistic missile test in recent days,” State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said. “We are looking into these reports. We are, however, well aware of and deeply troubled by Iran’s longstanding provocative and irresponsible activities and we call on Iran to cease such provocations.”


That’s cute, Iran. While it’s impressive that your inbred little minds are capable of allowing you to form full coherent sentences, when you’re flexing your muscles at America who’s being led by the badass duo of President Trump and General Mattis, do you really think you stand a chance? #Can’tFixStuid

H/T [Federalist Papers]

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