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BREAKING: Thugs Kidnap White Trump Supporter & LIVE BROADCAST His Torture: Cops Urge You To Do This 1 Thing NOW

Thanks to Obama’s manufactured race war, race relations in this country at are an all-time high. Senseless attacks continued to be carried out on white people by black thugs, as a way for these brainwashed idiots to enact their twisted revenge upon the white race. Now another horrific story is emerging from Chicago, after a pack of feral thugs kidnapped a young white Trump supporter, and did the unthinkable as they live broadcasted their heinous acts over Facebook for all the world to see.

When the video begins, a young black girl by the name of Brittnay Herring begins live streaming the torture over Facebook, which horrifically goes on for close to a half hour.


In the video, Herring laughs while several males in the room take turns torturing the young white teen that they had just kidnapped. The bound and gagged victim is repeatedly kicked, while the suspects can be heard yelling “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!” At one point in the video, they remove a giant portion of his scalp with a giant knife, and then begin hysterically laughing as blood pours down his face. The young man’s actual bone can be seen at that point, as the attackers continue to laugh and flick ashes from their marijuana blunt onto the wound.


As of now, it’s unclear whether the suspects are in police custody, although police are questioning 4 individuals.  One other person was identified in the video as Hassan Davis, and screenshots of the two identifiable suspects’ Facebook pages can be seen below:


Thankfully, the young man was later released the thugs, where someone found him wandering the streets, dazed and confused following his horrifying injuries.

An official with the local police station is asking that everyone please share this story, in order to assist authorities with their search for the suspects in the case. updateThank God that this young man walked away with his life. Right now, it is reported that he is recovering at a hospital.

H/T [FOX 32 Chicago]


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