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Cloutless Connecticut

Seniority equals clout in the U.S. Congress. New Senators and House members entering the portals of the U.S. Capitol are expected to be seen and not heard for their first year or so in office. Both Connecticut’s U.S. Senators are new arrivals. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who appears to be having […]

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Newton Before Redemption

  The conversation below has been lifted from Richard Bronson’s new book, “The War at the Shore,” an account of the struggle between Donald Trump and Steve Wynn over control of Atlantic City gambling interests. These words, perhaps harsh, were uttered by Ernie Newton before he ascended to Connecticut’s State […]

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Donovan, DeLuca And the Moral Obligations Of The General Assembly

Republican Senate Minority Leader John McKinney called upon Democratic Speaker of the House Chris Donovan to relinquish his position as Speaker following the arrest of his former finance chairman, Robert Braddock, for having concealed the identity of a donor, likely an FBI plant, who wanted to kill tax legislation on […]

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House Grills Donovan

“Embattled” is a word you do not want waltzing around with your name on the eve of a U.S. Congressional election. “Embattled 5th District Congress candidate Chris Donovan,” the Register Citizen reported, “in a taping of WFSB TV’s ‘Face the State’ Thursday, said he has no plans to quit the […]

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Malvi And The Emotive Idea

Malvi And The Emotive Idea

In his film “America, America,” loosely based on the life of his uncle, filmmaker Elia Kazan puts his thumb squarely on the very pulse of immigrants, not only the Greeks in Turkish Anatolia fleeing oppression, but all immigrants, whatever their point of origin. To the “oppressed and huddled masses” seeking […]

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Some Winners And Losers

In card games, the country and western song tells us, “you gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them.” In politics, you gotta know when and how to take a victory lap after you’ve folded. Following Connecticut’s remarkably jam-packed “short” legislative session, Republicans and Democrats took the […]

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Donovan’s Progress

Senate President Don Williams, after speaking with a number of senators concerning a bill supported by House Speaker Chris Donovan to raise the minimum wage, conveyed the disappointing news to Mr. Donovan through a text message: Mr. Donovan’s bill simply did not have enough support in the chamber to pass. […]

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Status Quo Has To Go

Status Quo Has To Go

By Chuck Baldwin March 8, 2012 A few weeks ago, I said in this column, “It is far more important who is elected as your governor than who is elected President. It is far more important who is elected as your State attorney general than who is appointed US attorney […]

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Verona, PA – Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum will leave the campaign trail for a few hours to deliver a major foreign policy address on U.S.-Israeli relations on Tuesday, March 6 at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference in Washington, DC. (AIPAC) Senator Santorum believes that the mounting […]

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Sen. McKinney Calls on Gov. Malloy to Submit Plan to Balance the Budget

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield):“A $31.5 million decline in revenue has led the legislature’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis to determine that Connecticut’s budget deficit is getting worse, not better as the Governor and administration officials would have us believe. OFA has increased its deficit projection for the […]

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