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Social Issues And The Coming Campaign

A few weeks ago, Governor Dannel Malloy said that people in Connecticut would have to wait until May to discover whether he would run again as governor. He then surprised everyone by tossing his hat into the ring during a recent bond hearing meeting. In fact, the campaign had begun […]

Political Prospects in 2014

  Skirmishing for the 2014 elections has already begun. Two Republican candidates have already given firm indications that they plan to run against the Democratic nominee for governor, most likely present Governor Dannel Malloy, although Mr. Malloy has not yet made a formal announcement. Victory in an election depends in […]

Republican Prospects

  During the last presidential election, Republicans put up against a popular president a candidate, Mitt Romney, who had a deep and admirable political and business history. Republicans were surprised when President Barack Obama, perhaps the most progressive political candidate since progressivism was showcased in a serious way in the […]

The Spending Problem

A number of conclusions may be drawn from the presidential campaign. Republicans, led by Mitt Romney, lost, and Democrats, led by President Barack Obama, won. That datum you can take to the bank.   Republican Party internecine quarrels arise over the “why”questions.  Why did Mitt Romney lose? Why did Mr. […]

Democratic Demagoguery in Connecticut

The first shots of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign were fired by Malloyalist pit bull Roy Occhiogrosso and state Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo shortly after former Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley announced at the end of November his availability for the Republican nomination for governor. Asked by a reporter to […]

The Perpetual Progressive Campaign

So, the elections are over — for a too brief interlude. The grumps who have been complaining all along that there is no longer a breathing space between elections are order cialis right. Forward! as they say in the progressive Beltway. In our time, politics itself has become a form […]

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William Landers interviews Mitt Romney

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Murphy, Romney and SuperPACs

  What do U.S. Representative Chris Murphy, the state Democratic Party nominee for the U .S. Senate, and Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, have in common? They are both victims of misleading ads, and those who initiated the ads refused to pull them after they had […]

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New American Crossroads TV Ad Defends Romney, Hits Obama on Failed Economic Record

New American Crossroads TV Ad Defends Romney, Hits Obama on Failed Economic Record

On Friday, American Crossroads will launch a new television ad that pushes back against President Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney, and hits the President’s failed economic record.

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Welcome Home Party – Chris Coutu – April 27th

Welcome Home Party – Chris Coutu – April 27th

Dear Friends,Next week Chris will be back in Connecticut having finished his Army National Guard training assignment and ready to hit the campaign trail again. The campaign will be throwing a Welcome Home Party for Chris next Friday, April 27th at 6:30pm.  The party will be held at our campaign […]

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