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Taking the 5th

The FBI was a major player in the drama. And everything that has happened on the public stage should convince Connecticut’s General Assembly that the state needs an Inspector General to uproot corruption before the FBI enters the theater.  When federal prosecutors turn up on the scene, Grand Guigno unfolds.   John […]

Malloy On The Stump, An Orwellian Perspective

A few weeks after announcing he would not officially begin his campaign until the General Assembly had shut down its short three month session in May, Governor Dannel Malloy officially opened his gubernatorial campaign in Stamford, his old political stomping grounds. Mr. Malloy had been mayor of Stamford for four […]

The Permanent Opposition

On April 5th, a year after Connecticut’s predominantly Democratic General Assembly had passed into law the most restrictive gun legislation in the nation, opponents of the legislation rallied on the North side of the Capitol in Hartford. The event was well attended: Capitol police estimated the crowd at 3,000; those […]

Social Issues And The Coming Campaign

A few weeks ago, Governor Dannel Malloy said that people in Connecticut would have to wait until May to discover whether he would run again as governor. He then surprised everyone by tossing his hat into the ring during a recent bond hearing meeting. In fact, the campaign had begun […]

Gun Control, The Malloyalist Molotov Cocktail, Detroit Or Bust

The premise of Connecticut’s new gun control legislation is that crimes committed illegally with guns may be controlled by such measures as requiring once licit gun owners to register their guns. That premise is doubtful, to say the least.   Connecticut’s new gun control legislation felonizes the ownership of a […]

Towards A TR Conservative Republican Party

Many people may be surprised to hear that President Teddy Roosevelt, the Bull Moose megaphone and the first serious presidential progressive, was a Republican.   It is Teddy that prevents the term “Republican activist” from becoming an oxymoron. There is no question that TR –- some call him the good Roosevelt — […]

Occhiogrosso, Moving On Up, Or Down?

  Roy Occhiogrosso, the Vice President for Global Strategy who has shuttled back and forth between Governor Dannel Malloy’s administration and his duties at Global Strategy, has now become, according to a short piece in CTMirror, “a consultant to the Connecticut Democratic Party.” Apparently, no one in Connecticut’s media knows whether […]

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Center Mark Laurelton

Lauretano To Willis: Stop Making Excuses For UConn And Apply The Law

 Feb. 20, 2014 Torrington, CT-  Republican Candidate for State Representative in the 64th District Mark Lauretano declared Thursday that Rep. Roberta Willis, the Chairwoman of the Higher Education Committee, must bear some responsibility for the mishandling of sexual assaults at the University of Connecticut (UConn).   At the beginning of December, […]

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Toni Harp And The Dannel Malloy School Of Governing

More than four months ago, Toni Harp — whose husband, now deceased, was the biggest tax scofflaw in New Haven – was elected mayor. Governor Dannel Malloy, author of the largest tax increase in Connecticut’s history, was present at her elbow encouraging a friendly crowd of union supporters to work […]

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Governor Bling And Connecticut’s Malingering Recession

Governor Dannel Malloy, it would appear from recent news accounts, is frantically attempting to put himself right with unionized teachers.   The Malloy-teacher romance hit a rough spot when a few months ago Mr. Malloy said of teachers who were resisting his pedagogical reforms, “All they have to do is […]

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