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Christians Should Not Vote For Obama

Christians Should Not Vote For Obama

As a Judeo-Christian Nation, we may argue that we have a Biblical duty to vote, and that duty should be exercised responsibly. When Moses told the children ofIsraelto select from among them those who would govern them, he in effect, told them to vote for their leaders

Murphy, the Congressman from Planned Parenthood

President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards announced recently her intention to campaign for President Barack Obama FULL TIME, and no wonder. Planned Parenthood — the largest abortion provider on the planet, with the possible exception of China’s pro-abortion fascist state controlled facilities – is big business. Every single day, Planned […]

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Bernier Releases ‘Right to Life’ Ad

Republican congressional candidate Justin Bernier today released a new television ad that highlights his opposition to “sex-selection” abortions and his main competitor’s willingness to tolerate the act in the United States.

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Courtney applauds $14.5 million Pentagon contract for CT company to construct new commissary at SUBASE New London

Courtney applauds $14.5 million Pentagon contract for CT company to construct new commissary at SUBASE New London

Congressman Joe Courtney today applauded a new $14.5 million contracted awarded by the Department of Defense to Farmington-based KBE Building Corporation for the construction of a new commissary at SUBASE New London. The competitively-awarded contract is the latest in a string of upgrades at SUBASE New London, and comes on the heels of the April ribbon cutting for the new Pier 31.

Danbury GOP Unanimously Backs Wilson Foley

The Danbury Republican Town Committee gave its unanimous endorsement to businesswoman Lisa Wilson Foley for the 5thCongressional District at its April 9th meeting. With 22 delegates to the State Convention, Danbury is the largest delegation in the 41-town district. "Republicans in the 5th District have a unique opportunity to take […]

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Powell On Social Disintegration

Chris Powell is the managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester and writes a regular column for the paper. In the course of our conversation on poverty and social disintegration, Powell made reference to a column by Mona Charen that fairly summed up his general feelings. Charen’s column details […]

The Gift of Life first hand

The Gift of Life first hand

I was able to witness today new life being born right in-front of me, when a cat that  picked me by coming into my home through the cat door, meowed at me strangely and wanted me to follow her where she then laid down and began to have her first […]

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Malloy Reforms Whipped

“After Governor Dannel Malloy is put through the political grinder by status quo opposition forces that tend to resist his educational reform, he just might begin to feel, perhaps for the first time in his political life, what some Republican governors before him may have felt when faced with an […]

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Tammany McDonald

Tammany McDonald

When bright-eyed reformists of the early 1900’s were making a stab at political reform, George Washington Plunkitt of Tammany Hall gave an interview with news reporter William Riordan and, making what he thought was a necessary distinction between “honest graft” and the usual garden variety, spilled the beans, as they […]

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Remembering The Alamo

By Chuck Baldwin March 1, 2012 March 6 marks the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo back in 1836. For more than 13 days, 186 brave and determined patriots withstood Santa Anna’s seasoned army of over 4,000 troops. To a man, the defenders of that mission fort knew they […]

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