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Dean Enters The Gubernatorial Race

  Attorney Martha Dean – Colin McEnroe calls her “old blue eyes”  – is the equivalent in Connecticut of Sarah Palin nationally, the woman from the wrong side of the political tracks who those fighting the “war against women” love to denigrate. The abhorrence is palpable, and possibly a bit misogynistic. Hartford Courant columnist […]

Foley’s Charges

  Here is an accurate transcript of a conversation between Dennis House of Face the State and former Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley. Mr. Foley hopes to secure the Republican Party’s nomination for governor. Neither Mr. Foley nor Governor Dannel Malloy has as yet formally announced their respective bids for the […]

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Esty, Roraback, Donovan and the Correlation of Forces

  The question before the house now that Speaker of the state House Chris Donovan has been bested in a Democratic primary by former state Representative Elizabeth Esty is: Will Mr. Donovan join a majority of Democrats in Connecticut and support the people’s choice for the U.S. Congress in the […]

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Crony Capitalist Democrats

Crony Capitalist Democrats

It began as a “First Five” program and then, as happens with the usual governmental fix, quickly expanded, while retaining in its name the modest number “Five.” The day after Democratic voters in Connecticut went to the primary polls and chose Elizabeth Esty over Chris Dovovan in the 5th District […]

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Jordan Outed, McKinney Calls for Legislative Investigation

Citing “sources close to the investigation” of Speaker of the State House Chris Donovan’s 5th District campaign for the U.S. Senate, Hartford Courant investigative reporter Jon Lender fingered Laura Jordon as the“campaign aide who gave inside information to then Donovan campaign manager Joshua Nassi. Prior to Ms. Jordon’s outing as […]

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Masked Murphy The Shape Shifter

  The AFL-CIO union endorsements of U.S. Representative Chris Murphy, now running for U.S Senator Joe Lieberman’s seat in congress, caught no one by surprise. Unions have been riding Mr. Murphy during his three terms in the Congress, and there simply is no point changing horses in the middle of […]

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Rowland On A River

As the John Rowland-Brian Foley FBI investigation unfolds, it will be important to bear in mind that neither Mr. Rowland nor Lisa Wilson Foley, Brian Foley’s wife, is an active politician. According to a report in the Register Citizen,“A federal grand jury is investigating Rowland’s connections to the 5th District […]

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Obama Creates 1000s Of Jobs With Stroke Of A Pen

Obama Creates 1000s Of Jobs With Stroke Of A Pen

Port Orange, FL (June 16, 2012)-We have heard the claims from Joe Biden; Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama about all the jobs the Obama administration is supposed to have created in the last 3 years. Problem is all those jobs seem to be hard to locate and document. Well Friday […]

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House Grills Donovan

“Embattled” is a word you do not want waltzing around with your name on the eve of a U.S. Congressional election. “Embattled 5th District Congress candidate Chris Donovan,” the Register Citizen reported, “in a taping of WFSB TV’s ‘Face the State’ Thursday, said he has no plans to quit the […]

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Death Penalty Aftershocks

The repeal of the death penalty has produced some aftershocks. Of course, the real aftershocks will arrive after the next heinous murder, though it should be said that the multiple murders of Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky have set a high bar. These two worthies beat a husband with a […]

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