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Corruption in Corrupticut

Not all corruption is equal.   In a recent column, “A Kennedy Stirs Connecticut’s Politics,” Kevin Rennie sideswiped departing Republican leader Larry Cafero, who is to the Republican Party what Rocky Marciano was to boxing, a hard slugger:   “Cafero got snagged in a 2012 federal investigation into campaign contributions and […]

Soucy, Plunkitt And The Dovonan Sting Operation

The FBI’s singing canary in the Donovan probe, “labor activist” Ray Soucy, was not given prison time for the part he had played in the attempted corruption of former Speaker of the State House Chris Donovan.   The lede on a story in a Hartford paper ran as follows:   “A […]

Roll Your Own Taxpayer

  The Chris Donovan, “Roll Your Own” scandal is being judicially tucked to bed now that some principals in the scandal have been sentenced.  Most recently, Joshua Nassi, former state House Speaker Chris Donovan’s campaign manager, was sentenced to 28 months in federal prison by U.S. District Judge Janet Bond […]

Connecticut, the Canary in the National Mineshaft

Such are the parallels between the Malloy and Obama administrationsthat it might almost be said President Barack Obama is now replicating on a national scale The Malloy Way, with one important exception. When Governor Dannel Malloy first came into office, Connecticut was facing a daunting deficit of about $3 billion […]

UPDATE: SOS reply – State Senator Suzio Asks for Recount

In a demographically targeted area by the Connecticut Senate Democrats as a seat they wanted back in their Party’s hands, the city of Meriden was also imperative for Fifth Congressional District democrat challenger Elizabeth Esty as a must-win, to have any hopes to beat long term veteran Republican opponent Andrew Roraback who has served in the Connecticut General Assembly for almost twenty years.

Democrats Call for Unity

Speaker of the state House Chris Donovan should have received by Monday a call from John Olsen, President of the AFL-CIO, beseeching the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House in the 5th District to withdraw from the race. Not a few members of Mr. Donovan’s campaign staff have been arrested […]

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Esty, Roraback, Donovan and the Correlation of Forces

  The question before the house now that Speaker of the state House Chris Donovan has been bested in a Democratic primary by former state Representative Elizabeth Esty is: Will Mr. Donovan join a majority of Democrats in Connecticut and support the people’s choice for the U.S. Congress in the […]

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Update: Andrew Roraback press conference at CT Democrat Headquarters

Connecticut Fifth District Congressional Republican party nominee State Senator Andrew Roraback (R-30) challenged state and federal Democrats this afternoon at a press conference held in front of the state democrat headquarters. There were no representatives for the democrat’s on hand.

Is Donovan running scared yet?

Is Donovan running scared yet?

Not according to Democrat Majority House Leader himself-who insists, he knows nothing, see’s nothing. The clueless route, I guess is good, if your trying to stay out of Jail, but its really bad if you’re a congressional candidate.

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Statement by Lisa Wilson Foley on Republican Report on Donovan’s Early Release Program

The recent report by the Connecticut House Republicans raises some major concerns about the manner in which dangerous felons are released back into the population. It seems clear that this policy must be reexamined and immediate steps taken to ensure public safety. The early release program was a tragic stain […]

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