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Ideological Prisoners

Democrats, far more than Republicans in Connecticut, have shown themselves to be prisoners of their ideological convictions. Some of these persuasions are mentioned in a recent column by Chris Powell, Managing Editor of the Journal Inquirer and a political columnist for the paper, who is often mistaken by politicians he […]

Malloy, a Utopian Twinkie?

To a certain degree, all utopianists are eternal optimists –Panglossian optimists. The world may be crumbling about them, but their lively imaginations lift them above the debris. Realists will agree that the future does not seem sparkling for Europe just now. The latest news is that ALL of Europe, with […]

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The New Budget Gimmickry

It’s extremely important for politicians to hide horrors before elections. One shudders to think how voting in Connecticut for the General Assembly might have changed if Connecticut’s eminently dupable citizens had known before they entered the polling booths that their state was running a deficit of $365-million. The admission that […]

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The Perpetual Progressive Campaign

So, the elections are over — for a too brief interlude. The grumps who have been complaining all along that there is no longer a breathing space between elections are order cialis right. Forward! as they say in the progressive Beltway. In our time, politics itself has become a form […]

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OPM, OFA Issue Consensus Revenue Estimates

The state Office of Policy and Management (OPM) and the legislative Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) today issued consensus revenue estimates that show state tax revenue is running approximately $52.7 million behind what was anticipated when the bu cheap cialis online dget was passed in last Spring. The full consensus […]

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What Republicans Can Do

Nationally, most Republican election analysts called it wrong. Moments following the election,Dick Morris repented in sackcloth and ashes.

Clinton, The Corpse at the Convention

Former President Bill Clinton’s hour upon the stage at the Democratic National Convention – actually, it was 48 minutes – was mostly a 5,896 word defense of Obamacare. Following his speech, the fact-check vultures at the Washington Post dampened some of his fanciful political rhetoric. Mr. Clinton is sometimes lovingly […]

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Mitt Romney today announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Mitt Romney today announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.  He is Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he has worked tirelessly leading the effort to reign in federal spending and increase accountability to taxpayers. He also serves on the House Ways and […]

Courtney applauds steadily-improving employment situation at Electric Boat

WASHINGTON, DC – During a live telephone town hall held by Congressman Joe Courtney with over 6,000 constituents from eastern Connecticut, Robert Hamilton, Electric Boat’s (EB) director of communications, shared the latest information on the company’s employment situation and outlook. Congressman Courtney applauded the outlook, which is brighter thanks to […]

Malloy the Progressive

According to Public Policy Polling, Governor Dannel Malloy “continues to be one of the most unpopular Governors in the country in our polling.” Mr. Malloy’s approval-disapproval spread likely astonished most political actors in the state, with the possible exception of the phlegmatic Roy Occhiogrosso, the governor chief flack catcher, whose […]

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