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Russia’s Doors, Putin’s Time

There are, and always have been, three doors to Russia, every one of which has been jealously guarded first by Russian Czars and in the Communist era by Russian Czars posing as proletarian workers such as Josef Stalin. There is a Western point of access (Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic […]

The Trials Of John Rowland

Former Governor John Rowland, now a former radio talk show host, may have been “guilty,” in a metaphorical sense, of using his position to advance the political interest of one particular candidate over another. It has been said that Mr. Rowland had subjected poor Andrew Roraback, at the time a […]

Another Day, Another Crony Capitalist: Where Is The Republican Populist?

Managing Editor of the Journal Inquirer Chris Powell may be right. Even on their best day, Republicans running for office do not know how to frame an issue so that it will appeal to those not born to the purple.   A story written by Steve Collins of the Bristol […]

CT GOP’s Unstoppable Trio

CT GOP’s Unstoppable Trio

The Connecticut Republican Convention put forth the power trio of, former State Senator Dan Debicella, businessman Mark Greenberg, and businessman and federal attorney Peter Lumaj. All three won with strong support and will be able to go forth immediately and take on the competition.

Parties, Nominating Conventions, And The Unitary State

  “Patriotism if you must, but –please! – no parades” – George Bernard Shaw   The Democratic nominating convention was merely a dot placed over a predestined “i”. Despite Jonathan Pelto’s occasional pokes at Governor Dannel Malloy, no one in the state seriously entertained the notion that Mr. Malloy would not […]

Weicker, The GOP’s Ahab

  “Connecticut Commentary,” as usual, anticipated former U.S. Senator and Governor Lowell Weicker’s remarks on WNPR by nearly a week.   On May 9, Don Pesci addressed Republicans in Westbrook and mentioned Mr. Weicker at some length:   “Both Mr. Weicker and Mr. Malloy are progressives. At the root of progressivism lies […]

Malloy vs. Pelto

The gubernatorial nomination on the Republican side is heavily, if politely, contested. In a few days, Republican nominating delegates will gather at Mohegan Sun Casino to sort out their ticket. On the Democratic side, the gubernatorial slot is a Malloy gimme – almost.   State employee union gadfly Jonathan Pelto […]

The Connecticut GOP And The New Democratic Progressives

Below is an address given to the Westbrook Republican Town Committee on the occasion of the 15th annual John A. Holbrook Awards Dinner   It’s wonderful having the opportunity to speak with you. Lee wrote to me back in February inviting me here. I told him it would be a […]

More Shared Sacrifice Is In The Cards

  A Connecticut paper that has never met a tax increase in did not approve breaks the news gently. So gimmicky is Governor Dannel Malloy’s budget that it puts the editorial board in mind of Mr. Malloy’s predecessor, former Governor Jodi Rell, whose budgets – all of them passed by the […]