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Congresswoman Esty Mailings Cost Taxpayers 208K – Highest Among Any New England Member

Congresswoman Esty Mailings Cost Taxpayers 208K – Highest Among Any New England Member

  Statement from Connecticut Congressional Fifth District Candidate Mark Greenberg (R) – “Elizabeth Esty is once again showing her disdain for the taxpayers in the 5th District. Even though she has served less than two years in office, Esty has quickly mastered the art of exploiting taxpayers for political purposes, in this […]

It’s Time to Protect the Border – Silence from Esty on Yet Another Issue

It’s Time to Protect the Border – Silence from Esty on Yet Another Issue

  As with nearly every other issue of national urgency, Elizabeth Esty has remained silent on the current crisis on our border with Mexico. Even though the Obama Administration has now announced that thousands of children trying to enter the U.S. illegally in recent months will not be allowed to […]

Congressman Says ‘Huge Battle’ Within Congress to Replace Boehner After Cantor’s Crushing Defeat


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Cantor’s Loss Shows It’s Not All About the Money

An important lesson for the RNC and the state GOP affiliate’s should be the simple illustration in the recent upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat in his recent primary in the state of Virginia, that money on hand made no difference in who was elected by voters.


SPEAKERS PUSH NIGERIA ISSUE TO FOREFRONT OF NATIONAL AGENDA The 2014 Republican Leadership Conference concluded this evening after delegates heard from America’s top Republicans, including Chairman Reince Priebus, governors, congressional leaders and numerous potential presidential contenders. An emphasis on social issues emerged during the opening session, but speakers pushed U.S. […]

Connecticut’s Tax And Spend See-Saw

Governor Dannel Malloy has a rough and tumble personality. Even his friends and political associates acknowledge that he has “sharp elbows,” but one of Connecticut’s prominent public pulse takers, director of the Quinnipiac University poll Douglas Schwartz, notes that there are more important issues in elections than likeability: “…the economy is clearly the […]

Kerry At Yale

The good news is that Secretary of State John Kerry is not Ayaan Hersi Ali, and therefore his address to Yale graduates on College Class Day was not cancelled by a tremulous administration responding to charges that the appointed speaker had needlessly denigrated Islam. Yale, one may be thankful, is not […]

2016 Presidential Poll

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Russia’s Doors, Putin’s Time

There are, and always have been, three doors to Russia, every one of which has been jealously guarded first by Russian Czars and in the Communist era by Russian Czars posing as proletarian workers such as Josef Stalin. There is a Western point of access (Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic […]

The Trials Of John Rowland

Former Governor John Rowland, now a former radio talk show host, may have been “guilty,” in a metaphorical sense, of using his position to advance the political interest of one particular candidate over another. It has been said that Mr. Rowland had subjected poor Andrew Roraback, at the time a […]