Cuomo: Catholics Need Not Apply

  Some notable politician who is not Catholic really ought to come to the defense of Catholics – because they are now under assault from anti-Catholic Catholic politicians. Just as there is no anti-communist so fierce as an ex-communist, so there is no anti-Catholic quite so energetically opposed to Catholic […]

New Year Rip Van Winkle “Republicans” In Connecticut’s Commentariat

  Around this time of year, prior to the elections, numberless political commentators become Republicans – if only in spirit – the better to advise leading Republicans in the Grand Old Party what they should think and say and do about the many problems besetting Connecticut. Their daddies voted for […]

Christmas 2013 Reading

Christmas 2013 Reading

Christmas 2013:  “With the constant attacks on Christians, I wanted to share a little scripture with my readers about Christ.”   “The persecution was not just on Phil Robertson this year, but so many Christians are slandered and killed everyday all across the world.” William Landers 2013 Matthew 5:11 11 Blessed shall ye […]

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Jepsen Skirts Statutory Obligations

The office of Attorney General in Connecticut evolved from the King’s Lawyer in the pre-Revolutionary period. It was the English attorney general who, after a hearing with Connecticut Governor John Winthrop, approved a bill for incorporation of the Connecticut Charter.   In Connecticut’s colonial period, the office of state’s attorney […]

The Gun Bill, A Flawed Design

  Senate President Pro Tempore Donald Williams, the Chanticleer of gun regulation in Connecticut, was in a crowing mood when he announced publically a set of gun regulations the General Assembly was expected pass in response to the mass slaughter of students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary school.   […]

Legion of Christ on persuading Elderly Window

Legion of Christ on persuading Elderly Window

Sometimes even I have to agree with the left on somethings. Here is a post on Facebook by Connecticut’s Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Mike Lawlor:

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Preston City Bible Church Live

Free desktop streaming application by Ustream Schedule Preston City Bible Church provides the following services streamed live through Ustream   Sunday 9:00am – 10:15am EST Sunday 10:45am – 12:00pm EST Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:45pm EST Thursday 7:30pm – 8:45pm EST   Listen Live If the class does not start exactly […]

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Sandy Hook

  Adam Lanza – and Adam Lanza ALONE – is responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre, which is to say: 1) Adam Lanza’s mother is not responsible for the crime, nor is his father or brother.  The Lanza’s were divorced. In a report from the Daily Mail of Britain, a […]

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Hartford Rescue Mission Holds First Fundraiser

Hartford Rescue Mission Holds First Fundraiser

Written by Juliana Simone Glastonbury, CT – In an elegant banquet room at the Pond House, the Hartford Rescue Mission held its first fundraiser to work its way towards its financial goal of three million dollars to help pay for the costs of a new building the mission will be moving […]

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Abortion and Connecticut’s U.S. Congressional Races

One of Linda McMahon’s most insistent critics, Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer, noted in a post-debate column that Mrs. McMahon’s view on abortion was … ahem … “more nuanced” than that of Chris Murphy. The views of President Barack Obama on abortion are, if possible, more extreme than those […]

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