Lawlor’s Violent Felonious Graduates

The piling-on began following admissions made by Lisa Wilson Foley that a contract between herself and John Rowland, a radio talk show host following his stint in prison, was fraudulent, and recently Mr. Rowland, a burr in the side of Governor Dannel Malloy, announced he had recorded his last show. […]

Taking the 5th

The FBI was a major player in the drama. And everything that has happened on the public stage should convince Connecticut’s General Assembly that the state needs an Inspector General to uproot corruption before the FBI enters the theater.  When federal prosecutors turn up on the scene, Grand Guigno unfolds.   John […]

Indictment Charges Former Governor Rowland with Illegal Activity in Two Congressional Campaigns

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut and the United States Postal Inspection Service announced that a federal grand jury in New Haven returned a seven-count indictment today charging JOHN G. ROWLAND, 56, of Middlebury, with offenses stemming from his efforts to conceal the extent of his involvement […]

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Malloy On The Stump, An Orwellian Perspective

A few weeks after announcing he would not officially begin his campaign until the General Assembly had shut down its short three month session in May, Governor Dannel Malloy officially opened his gubernatorial campaign in Stamford, his old political stomping grounds. Mr. Malloy had been mayor of Stamford for four […]

Connecticut should not embrace national popular vote

By Peter Lumaj Republican Candidate for Secretary of the State 2014 If Connecticut embraces the National Popular Vote (NPV), it would agree to throw its seven electoral votes to the presidential candidate with the highest popular vote, whether or not he or she got the most votes in Connecticut. Since […]

The Permanent Opposition

On April 5th, a year after Connecticut’s predominantly Democratic General Assembly had passed into law the most restrictive gun legislation in the nation, opponents of the legislation rallied on the North side of the Capitol in Hartford. The event was well attended: Capitol police estimated the crowd at 3,000; those […]

Corruption in Corrupticut

Not all corruption is equal.   In a recent column, “A Kennedy Stirs Connecticut’s Politics,” Kevin Rennie sideswiped departing Republican leader Larry Cafero, who is to the Republican Party what Rocky Marciano was to boxing, a hard slugger:   “Cafero got snagged in a 2012 federal investigation into campaign contributions and […]

Rowland The Tar Baby

Henry David Thoreau used to say that most ways of making money lead downward. The way downward will be swift for John Rowland, former governor of Connecticut and, very likely, former radio talk show host.   Lisa Wilson Foley and her husband Brian Foley pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District […]


The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut and the United States Postal Inspection Service announced that LISA WILSON-FOLEY, a former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and her husband, BRIAN FOLEY, of Simsbury, pleaded guilty today before U.S Magistrate Judge Donna F. Martinez in Hartford to conspiring […]

Social Issues And The Coming Campaign

A few weeks ago, Governor Dannel Malloy said that people in Connecticut would have to wait until May to discover whether he would run again as governor. He then surprised everyone by tossing his hat into the ring during a recent bond hearing meeting. In fact, the campaign had begun […]