Abortion and Connecticut’s U.S. Congressional Races

One of Linda McMahon’s most insistent critics, Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer, noted in a post-debate column that Mrs. McMahon’s view on abortion was … ahem … “more nuanced” than that of Chris Murphy. The views of President Barack Obama on abortion are, if possible, more extreme than those […]

Lieberman’s Leave-Taking

Like U.S. Senator Chris Dodd before him, U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman soon will be leaving the congress with 23 years of service under his belt. Following his leave-taking, Mr. Dodd fell on a plush Hollywood featherbed. Lieberman’s future is a question mark. His bitterest critics – they are legion – […]

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Why Fiscal Conservatives Lose Political Wars

Strict fiscal conservatives react to social conservatives pretty much in the way devils react to holy water. When an ardent political fiscal conservative identifies himself as such, his intent is to indicate whom he means to oblige once in office. But fiscal conservatism without some measure of social conservatism is […]

The Courant And Catholics

The magisterium of the Hartford Courant — its editorial board — has issued a pronouncement on the matter of an interpretation of a federal bill by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius that would require Catholic institutions to assist in dispensing birth control pills and abortifacients. The ex-cathedra […]


A “Unite Women CT” rally, claiming to represent “all people who respect women,” will be held tomorrow, April 28th, in Bushnell Park. The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC), the state’s largest and best known pro-life, pro-marriage and family organization, calls upon the media to tell both sides of the story […]

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NAACP President holds Death Penalty Conference with Governor Malloy

NAACP President holds Death Penalty Conference with Governor Malloy

March 29, 2012 Written by Juliana Simone Hartford – At the Capitol Thursday afternoon, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) held a press conference with NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. The NAACP President was visiting Connecticut because his organization wants to use our state’s current legislative session which is determining whether to […]

Easter Sunday Overlooking the Barkhamsted Reservoir

Easter Sunday Overlooking the Barkhamsted Reservoir

Witness one of the best sunrises in the state and be inspired with an Easter message while surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors! Barkhamsted CT — One of the sure signs of spring in the northwest corner of Connecticut is the traditional Easter Sunrise Service and community breakfast to be […]

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Eyes On The Issues: Family Institute of Connecticut’s Peter Wolfgang

Malloy in Bethel

Malloy in Bethel

Governor Malloy appeared in Bethel to defend his educational reform proposals, and the going was not quite as rough as Mr. Malloy’s past appearances. At Wilber Cross High School, the heckling, mostly from teachers, was blistering. Towards the end of the meeting in New Haven, union president David Cicarella conceded, […]

The Committed Catholic

U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro began her epistle in the New York Post with the following howler: “As both a committed Catholic and a strong advocate of women’s health, I want to applaud the recently released guidelines for preventive health coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” The guidelines […]

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