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Connecticut’s Media-Progressive Complex: Or — It’s The Spending, Not The Taxes, Stupid

CTMirror asks in a recent story “Is it time to overhaul Connecticut’s tax system?”   The progressive wing of the Democratic Party, now in the ascendency in Connecticut, has been trying to “reform” the tax system ever since it was last reformed in 1991 by then Governor Lowell Weicker, the father […]

Suzio Calls For Mike Lawlor’s Resignation

Suzio Calls For Mike Lawlor’s Resignation

Says Lawlor responsible for “cover up” of dangerously flawed “Early Release” law Early Release criminals implicated in at least 3 murders       Date: March 13, 2014   For immediate release:   Former State Senator Len Suzio, Connecticut’s leading critic of the Early Release program, called for the resignation of Undersecretary for Criminal […]

Dean Enters The Gubernatorial Race

  Attorney Martha Dean – Colin McEnroe calls her “old blue eyes”  – is the equivalent in Connecticut of Sarah Palin nationally, the woman from the wrong side of the political tracks who those fighting the “war against women” love to denigrate. The abhorrence is palpable, and possibly a bit misogynistic. Hartford Courant columnist […]

Gun Control, The Malloyalist Molotov Cocktail, Detroit Or Bust

The premise of Connecticut’s new gun control legislation is that crimes committed illegally with guns may be controlled by such measures as requiring once licit gun owners to register their guns. That premise is doubtful, to say the least.   Connecticut’s new gun control legislation felonizes the ownership of a […]

What For, Foley?

Most people in Connecticut who still get their news from newspapers, an ever diminishing number, have never attended a press conference.   Sometimes an unexpected rumpus enlivens the event. At a conference launching a study released by the Connecticut Policy Institute (CPI), one reporter, having been upstaged by a questioner, […]

Towards A TR Conservative Republican Party

Many people may be surprised to hear that President Teddy Roosevelt, the Bull Moose megaphone and the first serious presidential progressive, was a Republican.   It is Teddy that prevents the term “Republican activist” from becoming an oxymoron. There is no question that TR –- some call him the good Roosevelt — […]



Fresh Approach To Urban Jobs, Housing, Crime, and Education Policy Introduction by Tom Foley • Presentation by Ben Zimmer After Presentation Tom, Ben & Others Will Be Available For Interviews

Two Young Republicans

First a disclaimer: Nothing in this piece should be taken as a formal endorsement of the candidates mentioned below. In more than thirty years of column writing, the author has never made a formal endorsement, and it would be a pity to ruin a perfect record.   That said, it’s […]

A Visit From President Obama: Minimum Wage For Dummies

In the state of Connecticut, where very little goes on in terms of excitement, it was big news the current sitting President, Barack Hussein Obama (D), was coming to address students at New Britain’s Connecticut State Central University

Tom Foley: “Minimum Wage is a Fairness Issue”

Stamford, Conn., — Tom Foley today issued the following statement on the minimum wage: “The minimum wage is a fairness issue, so I support raising the minimum wage nationally to help people who struggle the most to earn a living. But Connecticut’s problem isn’t the minimum wage. Connecticut’s problem is […]