About Us

Ameriborn News was founded in 2008 by businessman William Landers. Since 2010 Ameriborn News has been joined by writers Juliana Simone and Don Pesci, and also publishes noteworthy opinion-editorials from political activists. CEO William Landers has fought for justice for those persecuted by injustice. Ameriborn News philosophy believes in truth and fairness to all.

Left: Juliana Simone Right: William Landers

Left: Juliana Simone Right: William Landers


William Landers is the creator of Americanism Economics Philosophy and a Christian and Constitutional Scholar.  The CEO of Ameriborn News is a Connecticut Capitol Reporter, National Political Reporter, and served over 20 years as a Connecticut businessman as an owner of a construction company. Mr. Landers has interviewed some of the nation’s best known politicians. Mr. Landers believes in providing fairness to all and getting to the truth.

Juliana Simone has been a contributing writer and editor for Ameriborn News Network since April 2010 and in addition to covering Connecticut politics, has reported nationally from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and CPAC. The Chairman of the Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee hosts and produces a political interview show “Conservative Chat” in its eighth year, has worked for Mark Greenberg for Congress (CT-5) and the Connecticut House Republicans.

Left: Juliana Simone Right: Don Pesci

Left: Juliana Simone
Right: Don Pesci

Don Pesci has been a Connecticut native all his life. He began writing columns for the Journal Inquirer of Manchester in the early 80’s and now contributes to several papers in Connecticut and elsewhere. In addition, he has maintained this blog since November 04, one of the oldest (in the good sense) in the state and an oasis for parched libertarians, conservatives and others who wish to escape the prehensile claw of overweening government. Recently retired, Don is devoting his time to hobbling those public nuisances, not all of them politicians, who have devoted themselves for many years to the destruction of his beloved and ill defended state.