State Rep./Congressional candidate Chris Coutu – Successful Mission!



While Chris has been on his training assignment with the Army National Guard in South Carolina the campaign has been plowing forward to November.  Our dedicated network of volunteers has stepped up to the plate and carryed the campaign.

  • Volunteers and staff have represented Chris at 70 events and 35 town committees.
  • 900 donors, with 700 in-district donations.
  • Chris has twice as many town committee endorsements as an other candidate for Congress or Senate in the state.  Since Chris has been on active duty, 7 town committees have endorsed him.
  • Holding phone banks 2 nights a week, reaching thousands of voters.
  • Opened our campaign headquarters in Norwich.
  • Lined up a series of fundraisers for late April and May when Chris returns.
  • Setting up all day visits in each of the towns in the 2nd District for when Chris returns.  Chris will be visiting small businesses, knocking on doors, and holding meet and greets. (if you want to introduce Chris to your neighbors please contact us at
  • 200 cars in the 2nd District are now proudly displaying their Coutu bumper stickers.

The campaign has really been been in high gear while Chris is on active duty.