My Latest Suggested Reading List by Chuck Baldwin

My Latest Suggested Reading List
By Chuck Baldwin
March 22, 2012
It’s time for my annual suggested reading list column. First, here
are a couple of maxims about reading in general. “Leaders are
readers.” And, “A man is the sum total of the people he associates
with and the books he reads.” Accordingly, here are books that I
have recently read, that I am currently reading, or that are on my
short list of books soon to read.
“Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission”
By Tim Baldwin and Chuck Baldwin
This is a blockbuster book co-authored by my constitutional attorney
son and me. It exposes the fallacy of the
“Obey-the-government-no-matter-what” interpretation of Romans
chapter 13. I am absolutely convinced that if enough Christian
ministers and churchmen truly understood the true meaning of Romans
13, they could change the course and direction of our country. If you
don’t read any other book this year (beside the Bible, of course,) I
strongly encourage you to read this book. You can find it online here:
Life of Washington
“A rare, faith-filled, historic biography of America’s first
President, George Washington. Originally published in 1842.”
By Anna C. Reed
War Is A Racket
By Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler
Every American should read this classic. I try to stay reminded of
General Butler’s wisdom by reading his book every year or two.
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