“2400 P-4 Council Members tell Gov. Malloy to let the Workers Vote for New Union”

HARTFORD- State Rep. Chris Coutu (R-47) and State Sen. Joe Markley invite you to join CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 members at a press conference on February 2nd, 10:30 A.M. in Room 1C of the Legislative Office Building. This press conference is to ensure these members secure their right to vote for which union will represent them.

  • Members of the P-4 council, which consists of 2400 members, organized an effort to move to another union (UPSEU).
  • In just 3 weeks members of the P-4 Council gathered signed green cards for over 30% of the 2400 members, satisfying the legal requirement.
  • The P-4 filed a petition to enable members to secure a right to vote for the Union Representative of their choice.
  • The State and the incumbent Unions are fighting to obstruct this right. P-4 members simply want the ability to vote to determine their union representation.

This issue is currently being decided at the State’s Labor Relations Board. During this process, not only the current union, but the State’s attorneys and additional attorneys hired by the State, are involved in trying to preclude such a vote.

We call on the Malloy Administration to immediately cease and desist from using any additional taxpayer dollars for the prevention of such a vote and refrain from influencing the process in any way.

Finally, we ask that the vote be called for and the process be concluded in a timely fashion.

In attendance will be State Rep Christopher Coutu, State Senator Joe Markley, UPSEU Attorney Barbara Resnick and dozens of members from the P-4 Council.

Please come out to support their democratic right to a vote.