Joe The Plumber at CPAC 2012 interviewed by William Landers

February 11, 2012

Washington, D.C. – Ameriborn News CEO William Landers had this exclusive interview with Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who is now a congressional candidate in Ohio’s ninth district. Dubbed “Joe the Plumber” by the media after his opportunity to ask the then freshman Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama about taxes on the “rich” and how they would affect small business, that happened to be videotaped and then nationally reported, Joe tells Ameriborn’s William why he’s running, who he is as a candidate, what he believes about tax reform, minimum wage, cuts in the federal budget, energy, education, state law vs. federal law and how he is the candidate for the American people regardless of party.

Joe, an intelligent and thoughtful American from a working man’s background, shows effortlessly in this video how ready he is for the job. To contribute to Joe, who will most likely be up against Democrat veteran Dennis Kucinich, visit his campaign website: