Texas Governor Rick Perry Confident and Strong at CPAC

February 9 2012

Written by Juliana Simone


Washington, D.C. – Even though Texas Governor Rick Perry has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for President this year, the ballroom at the Marriott was so jammed with on-lookers and supporters when it was time for him to speak, its clear he still has his fans. Looking rested and invigorated now that he is no longer in the debate circle and off the campaign trail, an energetic enthusiastic Perry came out confident and strong.

“Ronald Reagan would be pleased to see Jimmy Carter’s resurrection in President Obama!” he said gleefully. Laughter and applause.

Taking a moment to talk about his Presidential run for the nomination, he told the audience “You could say my Presidential campaign just ran out of time – but I haven’t run out of ideas.” He vowed to always be a Conservative. With Obama’s run away debt and failed policies, Perry asked what kind of person needs to be elected now. What 2012 offers us is for us to offer a starkly different vision for America – clear and bold – that embraces constitutional conservatism. The argument is whether to keep government centralized or limit it and return it to the states.

The veteran Governor from Texas said he proudly signed a budget that ended funding all Planned Parenthood in Texas, Applause. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say healthcare should be run by the federal government. We ought to be either true 10th amendment patriots or strip it out of the Constitution. Detailing government, Perry said it didn’t just consist of three branches, but also individually controlled state government. He believes like everyone at CPAC these few days does not believe it’s for the government to interfere in religious freedom or impose mandates on any religious group if it is against their faith. What Perry does believe the government is supposed to do is secure our borders, build our country a strong defense, and deliver our mail on time – he joked.

“If it’s half time in America, I’m fearful of what’s going to happen to our country if Obama’s given a second half,” he said with concern. The success of Wall Street should not be at the expense of Main Street. Washington and Wall Streets cabal must be broken up. He said more of the same about Fannie May and Freddie Mac.

In final words, Rick Perry told the crowded room, “America remains the most noble experiment in government.” Mentioning our country’s fight in history for independence, he noted “after winning the power, they gave it back to the American people.” He told CPAC they don’t have to settle. Go forth and build this country based on the Constitution and take our country back!”