Sarah Palin Nails Final Speech of CPAC 2012


written by Juliana Simone

Washington, D.C. – Slated to be the final speaker of CPAC 2012, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was worth the wait. Delivering a bold and patriotic speech peppered with the pointed yet folksy humor that reaches the people, there wasn’t a second anyone could look away. Capturing the crowd, whether Palin devotees or Republicans on the fence who have been exposed to an excess of commentary on the popular former Governor from both sides of the aisle, there was never a dull moment. Even the liberal media who had the bad luck of drawing the short straw from their political reporter pool and thus had to cover her appearance, observed with rapt attention.

Above is video of the Occupy disturbance.

“Conservatives at CPAC denied 14 1/2 seconds of the Occupier’s 15 seconds of fame.” The response was so fast, some of the crowd did not even know why people started shouting “USA.”


Full video of Sarah Palin’s speech

With many people having been at the event since Wednesday A.M. who would have gone home earlier if not for Sarah, whether the public or press, her arrival in the afternoon was like a shot of B-12. When she took the stage, the vigor and energy that coursed through attendees, was on the level of the World Series, Super Bowl or girls in the sixties at Beatle’s concerts. It is this kind of impact and presence that is Presidential.

It’s one thing to see someone like this from the comfort of your couch on television, and another thing to see someone like this live and in person – especially if like most Americans, regrettably, one has had to listen to the agenda riddled and petty main stream media doggedly make negative remarks about one of their chosen targets as often as possible, in this instance Palin. Note to all of her detractors – whatever Party: Sorry, but this girl’s got it.

Her comfort level on stage with live feeds from network cameras around the world and a room shoulder to shoulder with onlookers, could put some of the biggest draws to shame whatever the venue. Her conviction, her clarity, her humor and mere presence puts everyone else at the back of the line. Worse for her detractors is this: It’s genuine. It’s real. It’s full of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, she may be one of the Republican party’s cheerleaders, but take away the pom-poms and she is a knowledgeable and fierce competitor who does not shy away from putting it in the face of her opposition.

“The Tea Party rose up because America woke up!” she exclaimed in one of her opening remarks. “We’re one country united – we’re not ‘red’ Americans, we’re not ‘blue’ Americans, we’re red, white and blue Americans and President Obama? We’re through with you!” Huge applause and cheers.

She observed that Obama had made what was once in former President Reagan’s words ‘a shining city on the hill’ into a sinking ship. She said Obama had no plan, no budget which was going on a thousand days. “He mucked it up,” she said. Under Obama, Palin noted 46 million people were living in poverty and 23% depended on Obama. Statistically more people believe our future will be worse than our past. It’s not a failure of our people, it’s a failure of our leadership!, Palin decried.

Oh, yes, we do…yes, we can….hope and change – yeah…you gotta hope things change, she mused…change we can believe in…

At this moment, the blip on the radar “Occupy” organization (originally named ‘Occupy Wall Street’, now “Occupy” wherever – a sad group of angry uninformed mostly young people who appear places to protest…well, whatever, you know, the establishment…people with money – yeah, that’s it…) got a dozen or two members to walk through the door and try to yell slogans at the CPAC crowd, but immediately the audience responded and yelled in unison “USA!” “USA!” ”USA!” “USA!” to drown out the unwashed and uninvited before security quickly threw them out. Later in her speech she briefly addressed the Occupiers and said, “they’re protesting the wrong things.”

Un-phased and moving on with great cheer, Palin talked about the economy and told members, “we don’t want an economy built to last, we want an economy built to grow, and (in addressing President Obama) we certainly don’t want your economy to last – we want your economy to end!”

“Never before in history has there been such a gaping disconnect between how the President sees our country moving in the right direction and the people on the ground seeing something else.” “Government can’t get underway until Government gets out of the way!” she said to more cheers. The President wants to raise more taxes so he can redistribute the wealth: we want to cut taxes to create more wealth! We have a better jobs plan and it’s called the free market!” Applause.

The President says we bitterly cling to our religion and guns and can’t embrace change. I say, you keep your change –  we’ll keep our God, our guns and our Constitution!” Tremendous applause.

President Obama may have forgotten the Bill of Rights – we shall not forsake it -including those rights that our Founders risked their lives for: Freedom of religion. The right to bear arms.

The President believes our tax dollars should subsidize Planned Parenthood. We believe every child is created equal with the right to life, she said in addressing her pro-life views.

The President believes we should consolidate power, with health insurance, gas mileage, even light bulbs… “Return power to the people! Because that’s where it belongs! – and belongs again today, people!”

On foreign policy, Palin told CPAC, Obama feels we should share our missile defense system with the Kremlin, cut our troops – today the White House is negotiating with the Taliban while Iran is developing their nukes!  We say the President should be protecting its people and its ally – Israel!

We refuse to accept that a weak America means a better and safer world. “We will fight to defend our country – we must be the home of the brave!”

In surmising Obama’s being out of touch with the rest of the country, Palin said: He doesn’t get out to see much of real America here in Washington – but in eleven months he’ll have plenty of time! Laughter

The divide between Washington and the rest of the country has never been more dangerous. Our homes close, Washington real estate goes up. We lose jobs, Washington’s jobs grow. This is Obama’s Washington – not the Washington of our forefathers. Washington is now the highest income per capita. They even have a Lamborghini dealership here! But they hope you keep on work-in’ so they can (continue growing)!

Look at their EPA.  It’s enslaving us to dubious foreign sources and a key culprit in destroying jobs in America. They make it difficult for businesses trying to expand but the EPA never seems to block the construction of new buildings in Washington, she observed.

“Maybe instead of calling Washington a swamp, we should call it a wet land! That would be one way to slow down the march of government!” Laughter/cheers.

“Crony capitalism… (spreading the wealth around to friends). This is not the capitalism of hard work – it’s the capitalism of connections!” Palin opined.

Politicians get elected ranting about the cesspool of corruption in Washington – but then once they’re elected, (after a short while), they (take a step in) and say, hmmm, this is not a cesspool…it’s a Jacuzzi! Laughter. It’s time to drain the Jacuzzi and throw the bums out with the bath water! Cheers.

We don’t want the left’s big government agenda, we can’t afford it and don’t want it. Take back the sanctity. Tea Party people are alive and well and we expect to get more of them elected. But to fix Obama’s Washington we must replace him at the ballot box. When the ship’s going down, the last thing you need is a leader reorganizing the deck chairs…and singing “Let’s Stay Together” – laughter.

The 2008 Vice President candidate reminded the packed ballroom of Obama’s political background which comes from Chicago known for it’s corrupt politics. She tells the audience in Alaska she fought the corrupt political machine – but Obama brought his with him!

When speaking of our U.S. troops, Palin said “they represent the best of America.”

Remembering President Reagan’s inaugural address, Palin said, he reminded us we are a free people with faith in our maker and people. Continuing with this line of thought, she added, we are the heirs of men who fought for freedom, immigrants who toiled and worked hard so their children could have a better life – that is freedom. That is what makes us special.

In talking about CPAC’s history, Palin told people the event was initiated by conservative activists who were out to remake the Republican Party. At the 1975 CPAC, when Reagan spoke he laid out a blueprint for rebuilding the GOP under a banner of “bold colors, not pale pastels,” she reminded fellow party members.

Sarah Palin’s parting words promised fellow Americans, “For the sake of our country we must stand united whoever the nominee is. We will fight to keep the door open. We will fight for it. God bless you, Patriots!”

Photos by William Landers