Brian K. Hill Statement on S&P Credit Downgrade

August 6, 2011. Hartford, CT. – Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Brian K. Hill released the following statement regarding the S&P’s credit downgrade.
"Expectedly, the sovereign credit rating of the United States was downgraded last night," said Hill. "The debt deal passed earlier this week was a travesty that did nothing to address our unfathomable unfunded liabilities nor any significant short term spending. It is pathetic that from the bubble of Washington, DC, neither the White House nor Congress could strain themselves to do the responsible thing for our country."
"Today, JP Morgan estimated that a downgrade would cost $100 billion in interest per year; that is almost seven hundred dollars out of every taxpayer’s pocketbook. Connecticut’s working class families, already suffocated by double-digit unemployment, simply cannot afford another unnecessary hit to their wallets."
"The career politicians, self-financed millionaires, and celebrity office holders in Washington must be handed their pink slips if we have any hope of keeping hardworking Americans from being forced out of their jobs," said Hill.